The Tail of Emily Windsnap – Liz Kessler

Tail of Emily Windsnap

I’d never been in the ocean. I’d never even had a bath. Hey, I’m not dirty or anything-I do take a shower every night. But there isn’t enough room for a bathtub on the boat, so never in my life had I been totally immersed in water.     Until the first Wednesday afternoon of seventh grade.

Twelve year old Emily Windsnap lives with her mom on a houseboat but has never been swimming. In fact her own mother was against Emily going into the water. Finally Emily is able to convince her mother to allow her to take swimming lessons at school. When Emily gets into the water for the first time something magical happens; her legs starts to fuse together into a fin. Her first reaction was to jump out of the pool and her legs return to normal before anyone notices. Later that night she sneaks out and jumps into the water by her houseboat and full realizes a big secret about herself; she is part mermaid. Emily is now determined to find out more details about who she really is. Why hasn’t her mom told her what she is? Does her mom even know? Who is her dad and where is he? Why is Mr. Beeston, the man who lives in the lighthouse, always hanging around? Any why is her mom so forgetful after the daily visits from Mr. Beeston? With the help of her new friend Shona she sets out on a mission to find out the truth about who she is.

I had a lot of fun reading this book. The story was well written that even younger readers will fall in love with this character. I am even looking forward to reading more books in this series. It was definitely a great story about such an inquisitive young girl that grabs your attention and you can’t help but cheer her on.

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