Odd, Weird & Little – Patrick Jennings

Odd, Weird and little

When the new boy enters their classroom, Woodrow and all the other students are shocked into silence. He wears a full suit, including a vest, and old-fashioned glasses.

He is odd. He is very studious and even wise.

He is weird. His sandwiches are gross- his favorite is mice on white bread!

He is little – but somehow he can spike a volleyball like an Olympic star.

The new student is not like any other kid, but he might just be the right friend for Woodrow.

Even if he isn’t human.

Toulouse Hulot is by far the cutest student I have ever read about.  And being Canadian like me definitely helps 🙂 He is also a very unusual new student from his little suit to his black briefcase. The cover of the book gives a lot away but the story is too cute to resist. As with most new and different students he quickly becomes the target for bullying, which is something our main character Woodrow is very familiar with. He has been the target of the bullies for a long time. But Woodrow and Toulouse share some common interests like reading and fishing. And it turns out Toulouse is a pretty good volleyball player. When he and Woodrow get paired up to play the friendship seems to be solidified even more and students around seem more interested and more accepting. But what makes this story even cuter is that nobody realizes what exactly Toulouse is, even with all the clues… sharp pointed nose, big round eyes, the way his whole head turns when he looks at things, or the fact that he spends most of recess on a tree branch. Definitely a great read for kids grade 3-6. Or adults that just can’t resist cuteness, like Me!

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