Confectionately Yours: Save the Cupcake! – Lisa Papademetriou

Save the cupcakeHayley’s world is far from perfect: her parents have divorced, her mom has lost her job, and she and her sister Chloe are stuck sharing a bedroom in their grandmother’s apartment. Luckily, Hayley has a knack for baking cupcakes — and cupcakes always make life just a little sweeter! But when she and her best friend Artie start drifting apart, she realizes that it’s going to take more than sugar and spice to make things nice.

If there was ever a book that would make me hungry, this is it! In fact, now I want cupcakes! Hayley’s’ story is a true testimonial to the average young girl her age. Her parents are divorced, her best friend is almost dating the boy Hayley has a crush on, her dad is dating a new woman and even her baby sister seem to be moving on and adapting. Trouble is, Hayley is feeling left behind by her friends. Artie, her best friend, has gotten bit by the acting bug and has started hanging out with a new crowd. Marco, her other best friend seem to be distancing himself to which Hayley has no idea why. The one things that stays constant is Hayley’s love of making cupcakes, which seem to be gaining popularity over at the café her Gran runs. And while cupcakes won’t make her whole world make sense, it certainly makes it tastier. And in case you need more reason to open this book up, its even got recipes for Hayley’s unique cupcakes. It’s a great light read for readers 8 and up. And on that note, I’m off to find myself a cupcake! Yum!

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