The School for Good and Evil – Soman Chainani

SchoolforGood-pb-cFairy tales in a nutshell; you usually have a prince, a princess and an evil witch. The prince uses good to fight the evil witch in order to rescue the beautiful princess and they live happily ever after. Sometimes we have to wonder where did the fairy tale really start? In the book The School for Good and Evil we are taken behind the scenes and get a glimpse of how the fairy tale starts before we read about it in a book.

When the very beautiful Sophie and the unfortunate looking Agatha are kidnapped away from their home of Galvadon to the school where children learn to be part of fairy tales it would only seem natural that Sophie would be placed in the school for good and Agatha would be sent to the school of evil. But in a twist of events they are placed in the opposite schools. Sophie is learning to be a villain despite her desire to be a princess. And Agatha is being forced to learn to be a proper princess among boys who strive to be the next Prince Charming. Turns out that the battle of good versus evil is not as simple as we would think. In a dark story about princesses, witches, and even all the little characters that make a fairy tale famous one may ask themselves; what happens when good becomes evil? What happens when evil becomes good? What happens when the lines between good and evil become blurred?

I gave this book a 4 out 5. This book drew me in with the fantastic artwork and the synopsis had me really hyped. There are a lot of books out there that deal with the fairytale world but this one stood out and I knew it was something I had to read.  It was darker than I had expected for a kids novel and I wasn’t expecting some of the violent outbursts. That being said, I enjoyed the book but it wasn’t something I would recommend for a young reader.  It was a fairly long book and had a tendency to feel like it was taking forever to progress.  I have had the pleasure of recommending this book to customers who took an interest like I did.  Sophie and Agatha’s story definitely had a unique twist and even with a somewhat predictable storyline it made for an enjoyable read, however none of the other characters stood out for me. The fairy tale aspect was really neat as we got to see how a character progresses and learns his or her place in a fairytale. Next time you sit down to read Cinderella or Snow White just remember this… there is always a story behind the fairytale. I will definitely be anxiously awaiting the next installment in order to see what’s next for Sophie and Agatha!

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