The Copernicus Legacy: The Forbidden Stone – Tony Abbott

untitledA secret past can destroy the future

It all begins when Wade Kaplan receives a strange, coded email from his uncle Henry, shortly before the old man’s sudden and suspicious death. He sets off for Germany to attend the funeral with his father, Roald, and his three friends Darrell, Lily, and Becca, only to discover that Uncle Henry left them yet another baffling message that they suspect is the key to figuring out how and why he died.

The message leads to a clue, which sends them to a dark and creepy family tomb. The more clues they discover, the farther they travel down a treacherous path toward an ancient, guarded secret. Soon, they are in a breathless race across the globe, running for their lives as a ruthless shadow organization chases them around every corner. Their only hope of saving themselves—and the world that they know—is to find twelve magical relics from a hidden past that will unlock the Copernicus Legacy.

My first impression? It’s Percy Jackson meets James Bond. Seriously! Totally 5 out of 5 stars! It was a great read from the first page to the last. A fast paced mystery filled with tons of history. Even at my age I learned a few things I didn’t know, so young history buffs will absolutely love it.   Wade and his friends aren’t just ordinary kids. Tech-savvy, resourceful, inquisitive, witty, and adventurous. They all bring something great to the adventure. After Wade’s dad is temporarily detained during part of the worldwide whirlwind the kids don’t miss a beat, managing to always stay on step ahead of the villains. Its a fast paced story, and I had to go back and reread pages every once in awhile to make sure I was staying on track. Ok, so some of it may be a little too unbelievable but that’s what makes it even better. What better way to enjoy a book than when you get to ignore some logic and get engrossed with an addictive story that just keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is going to be a 6 book series and I, for one, love series books so I can’t wait to see how this plays out. So, if you know an adventurous reader looking for a good spy-like book tell them to check this out!

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