Just Jake – Jake Marcionette

untitled (4)Jake and his family have just been relocated from Florida to Maryland and to make matters worse Jake finds out that instead of heading to middle school his sixth grade experience will be in elementary school. So NOT Awesome!! But Jake isn’t just a normal kid, he has a secret superpower… Awesomeness! So, armed with his rules for awesomeness he is setting out to go from the bottom of the social ladder back up to the top. But, thanks to an annoyingly mean older sister, school bullies and adults who just don’t understand it won’t be easy.

Even as an adult I loved this book. The writing is exactly what I would expect from an age appropriate author and I found it to be very relevant to current language trends. This book has some great visuals like stains, random pictures and doodles, and of course Jake’s famous “Kid Cards” but did anyone else notice the flipbook at the bottom of the pages? When I found these I was so amused I couldn’t wait to show it off  immediately and this will be something I show to everyone who comes to look at this book. All of the characters were great and the way Jake describes them in both his cards and general descriptions made for such a fun read. This is a 5 star read and perfect for middle school readers who already like things like Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Big Nate. Just don’t forget to check out the flipbook…. Trust me, it’s awesome!

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