File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents – Lemony Snicket

13 suspicious incidentsATTENTION!

Please find herein thirteen (13) cases investigated by Lemony Snicket during his apprenticeship in the town of Stain’d-by-the-Sea. Every detail of his inquiries into local kidnappings, supernatural occurrences, violent vandalism, and food theft has been described in these pages. For security reasons, the conclusions to these suspicious incidents have been carefully hidden. You can find them easily at the back of the book. If you are not a member of our secret organization, hello there. This is a blank book which you shouldn’t read.

Our young apprentice, Lemony Snicket has returned in a new book about his adventures in the town of Stain’d-by-the-Sea. Mysterious things have been happening and his help has been enlisted by various members of the small town to help solve them. And all of his investigations have been recorded in way to keep the secret organization integrity. 13 mysteries, 13 conclusions. But as we know there is always an unusual process for Mr. Snicket and his mystery solving abilities.

Fans of Lemony Snicket will not be disappointed with yet another unusual adventure. However this time readers get a chance to investigate right along with the young apprentice. Read the incident report and see if you can figure out the solution to the mystery. Then take a trip to the corresponding conclusion and see if you managed to figure out the answer. But that’s not all, there’s a few extra tidbits in there for those who follow closely with his All the Wrong Questions series. This was such a fun read and fans of all ages will enjoy this book.

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