Don’t wear Polka-Dot Underwear – Allison Gutknecht

polka dot underwearWahoo! Mandy Berr’s second grade class is hosting its very own Presidential Pageant, and Mandy just knows she would be perfect for the role of George Washington. After all, he was the first president, and Mandy was born first in her family, so it only seems fair.
But Mandy’s teacher, Mrs. Spangle, has other casting plans in mind, and Mandy is not happy to be forced to share center stage. She already spends all of her time at home leaping out of the shadows created by her pesky brother, Timmy, and the constantly-crying newborn twins, and Mandy is not going to be ignored at school, too. Can she fight her way back into the spotlight and find her own way to shine? With the help of some lucky polka-dot underwear, anything is possible.

Mandy is a spunky young girl who definitely has her own voice and is not afraid use it, but it has a tendency to get her into trouble both at school and at home. She loves Rainbow Sparkle (her favorite TV show cat) and gummy bears (who doesn’t?). Her favorite color is Periwinkle and she hates white pants (especially when wearing polka-dot underwear)! When her teacher, Mrs. Spangle, gives the role of George Washington to another student and she has to be the Narrator you can imagine how mad she was. And to make things worse she has nobody to practice her lines for!

As a book for an elementary audience this book is full of fun and a spunky main character that makes you smile and giggle at the same time. It’s a light easy read that young girls will love, even if they don’t like gummy bears or the color Periwinkle. Definitely 2 thumbs up! Oh, and don’t forget “Don’t wear polka-dot underwear with white pants!”

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