The Cupcake Club: Peace, Love and Cupcakes – Sheryl and Carrie Berk

untitled (6)

Meet Kylie Carson.

She’s a fourth grader with a big problem. How will she make friends at her new school? Should she tell her classmates she loves monster movies? Forget it. Play the part of a turnip in the school play? Disaster! Then Kylie comes up with a delicious idea: What if she starts a cupcake club?

Soon Kylie’s club is spinning out tasty treats with the help of her fellow bakers and new friends. But when Meredith tries to sabotage the girls’ big cupcake party, will it be the end of the Cupcake Club?

Yummy! Another fun book about cupcakes! Good thing I eat before reading these books. This was more than just a club for baking cupcakes. For most of the girls this is a safe place to avoid the school bullies and just be themselves. Kylie and her friends actually end up turning their after school club into a money making business. And for a young reader this book offers a great story with lessons on dealing with bullies, friendships with a light side of money making with a small business. And no matter what disasters Meredith tries to present, Kylie and her friends use their strengths and friendship to overcome it. And to top it off check out the yummy cupcake recipes at the end of the book. Now I want a cupcake and the next book in the series.

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