Dream Reader

Anyone who says they only have one life must not know how to read a book” – Author Unknown

A few weeks ago I was presented with a challenge, write a blog post for my dream reader. At the time I didn’t really know that was. And honestly, I’m still not exactly sure who that it. But maybe for me and my blog that’s a good thing. The more books I read and write about, the more I realize that my blog isn’t targeted to anyone in particular. Maybe my dream reader is you, or the person sitting next to you, or even the person you said hello to in the hallway last week. See what I’m getting at? For me this isn’t about a dream reader. It’s about reaching out to an audience of readers and non-readers who might be looking for something new. Maybe I’m looking to reach out to people who want to go on an adventure, lose themselves in a magical world, watch characters find themselves amid adversity, or just have a few laughs. I wouldn’t be posting about these books unless I wanted to share my love of books and hopefully help someone find their next read. So, to you I say, come along for the ride and I hope you enjoy some new adventures with me!

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