The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable – Dan Gutman


Coke and Pepsi McDonald didn’t want to jump off a cliff.

They didn’t want to get hit by poisoned darts from blowguns either. And they certainly don’t want to get locked in their burning school, thrown into a pit at the top of a sand dune, or drowned in a vat of liquified SPAM. But what are you supposed to do when you’re being chased across the country by your insane health teacher and two guys in bowler hats who are trying to kill you? One thing’s for sure, it’ll be a snap for Coke and Pep to write their essays on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.”

Want to join in the fun? Fire up the old Google Maps and follow the McDonald twins as they get chased from the Pez museum to the largest ball of twine in the world.

Watch out for the Frisbee grenades!

Sometimes being really smart isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially if you have been secretly recruited by a top secret agency that wants to use the smartest kids to solve the nation’s problems. Doesn’t sound too bad does it? Um, hello? Did you not just read the synopsis above? Coke and Pep have been instructed to keep all of this a secret from their parents. Their parents have decided to take an RV trip across the country and maybe stop at some really “Amazing But True” attractions. Want to know another amazing but true fact about all these attractions? They are all real! Seriously! Don’t believe me? Go look it up!  Between coded ciphers and people following them with the intent to kill them the twins have a lot to keep them busy.  This book has it all! So much action, adventure, and plenty of humor to keep a reader glued to the pages. And the fact that you can follow their journey using Google Maps gives a great perspective on the unusual journey they are taking. So, if you’re up for a spy-like adventure look no further. And make sure to have the next book handy to keep the adventure going. I, for one, loved this book!

Great book for grades 3 and up

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