Olympus at War – Kate O’Hearn

Olypus at war

Emily Jacobs’s life changed forever the day Pegasus crashed into the roof of her apartment building. Suddenly she was swept up in a battle to save Olympus and the gods, far away from her normal life in New York City. Now she’s living on Mount Olympus with her friends Joel, Paelen, and of course, Pegasus. The only person missing is her father, who is being help prisoner by a mysterious government society back in the human world. Emily is desperate to go find him, but Jupiter won’t allow her to leave. However, Emily does happen to know a certain winged horse… But when a gruesome new invasion of Olympus begins, Emily and her friends find their loyalties tested as old grudges are unearthed and new enemies are discovered.

Its been six months since Emily sacrificed herself to become the Flame of Olympus, thus saving Olympus from the Nirads. Life is very different for her in Olympus, its like nothing she could ever expect or prepare for. As the flame of Olympus Emily has had some powers bestowed upon her, however learning how to control them without destroying all of Olympus in the process is becoming a challenge. And even though she has Paelen, Joel, and Pegasus not a day goes by she doesn’t wish to be able to see her father again. For the safety of Olympus Jupiter has forbidden Emily from returning to New York to find her father, who is still being help by the CRU. When Olympus is suddenly attacked by Nirads Emily takes the opportunity to escape Olympus to check on her father. He is still being help captive by the CRU, however they have moved locations. Now, Emily and her friends, and a surprise addition, will have to attempt to free her father from the CRU, escape from attacking Nirads and save Olympus from the attack. But can she do it without destroying everything she cares about with the magic of the Flame?

Ever since I was introduced to Percy Jackson I can’t resist a mythological story and this one was a great one. I liked this one even better than the first. It really made the reader understand how important Emily is to Olympus. And it’s hard not to fall in love with the characters. This book brought some of the other characters to the forefront while Emily needed to stay away from danger to protect everyone. And some new character additions like Agent T and Earl were just what they needed, reminding the reader how important the human side of the story is as well. Bring on Book 3! Thanks Kate for another exciting adventure!

(Ideal read for ages 8 and up)

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