Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins – Liz Kessler

has anyone seen jessica jenkinsJessica Jenkins has always been a perfectly ordinary girl—until one day part of her arm vanishes in the middle of geography class! Jessica’s friends Izzy and Tom are determined to help her develop her newfound invisibility, though Jessica is more concerned with discovering where the ability came from. When it becomes apparent that there may be other kids developing strange powers of their own, Jessica marshals them into a slapdash band of “slightly superheroes.” But when an unscrupulous adult discovers the origin of their powers and kidnaps one of the team, the rest must put their heads—and all of their skills—together to avert disaster.

It all started on a Friday afternoon in geography class and Jessica didn’t even know it happened, because she was dozing off, but Izzy did. Her best friend Izzy explained to her that her elbow had disappeared and part of her arm did as well. In other words, Jessica has started turning invisible. Sounds pretty cool, but when you don’t know how or why it can be a little scary. So, the girls meet later that night to try to test out whatever this is. Turns out with some practice and clearing her mind, Jessica could turn herself completely invisible. And somehow a very social necklace Jessica received from a friend of her mother had given it to her as a birthday gift was the secret to her superpower.

From there on out it’s a mystery to figure out how this necklace could have this power and were there anymore magic crystals out there. Turns out there were more crystals and a few more kids were found to be developing these “superpowers.” In fact there was a bigger mystery surrounding all of this and this group of “slightly superheroes” decide to take things into their own hands and figure out what’s going on and why someone is trying to steal information and research that explains how these kids developed their abilities. But it won’t be easy.

There are so many things to love about this book, especially since Liz is the same amazing author that wrote the Emily Windsnap series. The main character is 13 but this reads perfect for a younger audience. I was concerned at first that it may contain content issues but that concern was quickly erased. A perfectly blended story of friendship and mystery with a diverse group of characters. No capes or fancy costumes for this group of “slightly superheroes” but a large amount of curiosity, intelligence and bravery. Readers of previous Liz Kessler books will not be disappointed.

I am hoping this turns into a new series, there is so much more that could be done with these characters and with the ending it would be perfect to continue following stories of these kids. 4 out of 5 stars (only because I didn’t want the book to end with just this one adventure) and great for readers 8 and up.



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