Storybook Roundup!

day in canadaExplore a day filled with a great variety of activities you can do across Canada. Start the day on the East Coast and end it on the West Coast. With bright pictures this book will introduce young children to some of the beautiful Canadian scenery and attractions.

As a Canadian I loved the adorable visuals of locations I was all too familiar with and I think preschoolers will love them as well. And you don’t have to be Canadian to enjoy this adventure.




snow white 77 dwarvesThis might be my favorite spin on the classic Snow White story! Was very easy to read to a young child and the opportunities for child involvement were great. Poor Snow White… that would have been a lot of names to remember if she had stayed. Thankfully she was going to get a nice long nap!




missing jackLosing a pet is never easy, no matter what age, and sometimes adults don’t always know how to best explain the loss to a child. Missing Jack shows the transition from loving pet to the gradual aging and eventual death of the family pet. But what adds to this book is that it lets our young children know that even after a loss it’s ok to make a new friend when the time is right. And the story format makes it easy for both children and adults to celebrate the life of a pet.




bristly hairA unique story to introduce young children to self-esteem. A variety of characters to help children understand that while we are all different each of us struggle with something we would like to change about ourselves. Catchy rhymes and fun drawings to help kids understand that they are perfect just the way they are.





***I received digital copies of all of these books courtesy of Netgalley in exchange for an honest review***





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